Kidney Pain From Alcohol

kidney pain from alcohol

It is possible that kidney pain from alcohol can occur. Typically, this is the result of drinking often and drinking in large amounts. Many people think only the liver can be affected by alcohol but that isn’t the case. The kidneys play a vital role as well in removing toxins from the body. The pain will usually start out of nowhere and become very intense. This is referred to as acute kidney pain.

However, if you continue to drink often and in large amounts, then chronic pain can result from it. While it may not be as painful, it will be lingering and it can be difficult to deal with. Reducing the amount that you drink is very important for your kidneys as well as for your liver.

Why does Kidney Pain from Alcohol Occur?

The kidneys are very active for the normal functions they already perform for the body. However, when you are drinking excessively, they have to work overtime. There comes a point when they just can’t keep up. If you binge drink, then you are more likely to have this type of pain around the kidneys. It is the result of the kidneys working too hard to detoxify and the fluids that build up due to the amount of alcohol in the body.

You may not realize it, but consuming lots of alcohol frequently increases dehydration. This makes it harder for the kidneys to do their job. When the body is dehydrated, the kidneys can become swollen and inflamed. This can cause the pain due to that additional pressure that they subject the body to. When you drink lots of alcohol, you will have to urine more and that is how such dehydration can occur.

Drinking can also increase the amounts of uric acid and calcium that the body retains. Both of them can make it extremely hard for the kidneys to remove toxins. As a result, those toxins remain in the body and they can start to make a person very sick from the inside out. Once the toxins get into the bloodstream, it can take months for a person to get rid of the fatigue that has developed.

Don’t Ignore it!

Should you be feeling kidney pain from alcohol use, don’t ignore it. This can lead to kidney stones or a kidney infection. Both of them can be quite painful and take plenty of time to recover from. Plus, your body may be building up high levels of calcium, cysteine, and acid due to the kidneys not being able to successfully filter it out of the body through the urine.

Professional Help

Consuming too much alcohol can take a serious toll on your health. If you aren’t able to reduce the amount that you consume, you may want to consider professional help. Kidney pain from alcohol means that you are already at a point where your quality of life is going to suffer. The more you allow it to continue, the more irreversible damage will be done to both your kidneys and your liver.


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